New Horizons

It is with sadness for us but excitement for Ellie that we bid her goodbye as Third Space Ministries’ Nightlife Coordinator. As she has prepared to hand over her role this month, Ellie shared a few reflections on the years that she has worked with us…

“I still remember as if it were yesterday the first time I joined a prayer walk around Soho in 2017. Our dream of visiting London Strip Clubs seemed so wild and far fetched at the time, but we knew nothing is impossible for our God! Even though I am a dreamer, I could never have imagined then all that God was going to do over the years.

Looking back over all that has happened and where we are now is a reminder of God’s faithfulness through every season.

Over our time praying and listening to God-prompts to push doors and try new things he has definitely answered our prayer to, in the words of Paul “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” Ephesians 3:20. We have been able to consistently visit three different clubs with a wonderful group of volunteers. I have been able to meet hundreds of women and bring them the truth that they are loved by God regardless of choice or circumstance. While the clubs were closed during COVID, God opened the door to develop deeper discipleship relationships through phone calls, voice notes and care packages in the post. We’ve been able to run life changing courses like Alpha and Destiny Activator to equip women with the knowledge of who they are and who God created them to be. Since the start of this ministry, the team has prayed with women more than 300 times!

In all seasons, I am so thankful for the lives which have been transformed by the love of God!  My time with Third Space Ministries has been filled with so much richness and growth as I have been immersed in their culture and values. It has been a privilege to have the space to pioneer and watch God grow nightlife ministries in every changing season. I have learned so much from the team of Chaplains, especially how to love and pursue individuals with intentionality and ferocity, how to challenge myself to dream bigger and what it looks like to live a life immersed in prayer and the presence of God. Something I have been particularly impacted by is God’s provision of the right people at the right time. God connected Lu and I at the start of the ministry to pray together, and then brought us the perfect team of volunteers when we were ready to begin visiting the clubs. Now it is time for me to move on from the ministry and as we searched to bring someone new into such a niche role, God has brought us someone wonderful to step in and bring fresh vision and growth in this new season. I have learned to trust God’s timing and provision even when our prayers seem far-fetched or impossible. This team and this ministry has taught me that truly “nothing will be impossible with God” Luke 1:37 

While I am sad the time has finally come to say goodbye, I am so excited to watch from afar what God will do with this ministry as it continues to grow. This next season will be one of new adventures for Illuminate Soho and I leave knowing and trusting that God will do something fresh and exciting beyond any of our expectations!

Goodbye Ellie. Thank you for all the beautiful ways you have shown us God’s love through your care and love for others. We are excited for all the adventures God has planned for the next part of your journey.