Here are some comments from people who have encountered the work of Third Space Ministries.

As a Christian DJ/producer/label Manager working in the EDM music industry it is so refreshing to have an entirely relevant online support group, connecting in prayer for each others physical and spiritual needs during our sometimes manic schedules. When I met the DJ Unity group it was the first time I met a community of DJs ready and willing to be supportive, vulnerable, and to disciple each other. I have met some incredible contacts already that have really helped me to stand on firm foundations even in during my battles they have been there for me, they show love and encouragement to one another and a true commitment to enriching the whole EDM scene. This is what the scene has needed for so long.

Matt DigitalPilgrimz
Future Follower Records

Wigton Church wanted to say a big thank you to you on behalf of the church for the Sunday you shared with us. We were very blessed and already are beginning to see the results as several people are beginning to find their third spaces.

Wigton Church

Though I knew no one, it was like walking into a family. The team training time was full of nuggets that I had confidence to use. A few evenings later I gave my testimony to 3 stewards. I ended up going out with the team 5 nights. Thanks for the opportunity to be a small part of the Great Commission.

First time volunteer, Love All Serve All

There is something wonderfully reassuring to see you all arrive, to stand and watch and observe you all making your way to the unsuspecting queuers. You never hear what they say, be reassured that they think everything you do is truly spiritual, thank you for singling out the night stewards, I know they look forward to seeing you and feel privileged to receive special attention.

Night Steward
Wimbledon Tennis Championships

I think the Club Angels are amazing, kind and caring, I loved having you all helping in our club. You are a credit to any club, thanks so much for all your hard work.

Head of Security
London nightclub

It was great to be able to worship with many people at a multi-sports games, that being my first time I didn't expect that these facilities would be available. The experience was lovely and surely kept me sane during one of the most competitive environments that I have experienced. Thank you very much for your support.

2014 Commonwealth Games