What we do

Third Space Ministries seeks to be a positive presence in the third spaces of society through:

Team outreach: such as Love All Serve All at Wimbledon Tennis Championships; and Club Angels teams serving in nightclubs.

Teaching and training: enabling churches and Christian groups to think more creatively about engaging with their communities.

Chaplaincy: offering chaplaincy at sporting events, in local gyms, the music industry and other leisure environments.

Chaplaincy is the provision of a pastoral service, by a person of faith, to an organisation or industry. Chaplaincy is primarily aimed at the care and welfare of the organisation it is serving. Whilst chaplains are expected to be motivated by a real and dynamic faith, they are available to all people irrespective of faith convictions. Chaplains should be pastorally proactive, but spiritually reactive; ensuring that they do not impose their beliefs on others. Their role is not to preach, but to offer care, encouragement and a listening ear to people of any faith or none. Chaplaincy supports the emotional and spiritual well being of a person. Chaplains are expected to demonstrate integrity, work professionally, care sensitively and maintain confidentiality. Developing natural relationships, and building trust are foundational to the whole chaplaincy role. The chaplaincy role varies according to the requirements of the organisation in which it functions.