Nightlife Ministry

Nightclub Ministry

Our Club Angel team is currently on pause but you can watch the clip below to get a glimpse of what this has looked like in the London nightclubs, seeking to ‘chat, help, listen, care’ and love whoever is in front of us. 

Filming by BBC Street Patrol UK.

Festival Angels

Festival Angels are a group of volunteers who serve at music festivals across the country.  We seek to serve the festival organisers by providing welfare services.  This usually looks like having a base where people can come and chat, be listened to, take some time out; and also by having a detached team who walk around the festival keeping an eye out for those who look vulnerable, and by simply being a welcoming, friendly face.  Many of our volunteers have served in similar ways in nightclubs or in Ibiza and are therefore very familiar with the festival/music atmosphere, as well as experienced in offering pastoral care.  

Strip Club Ministry

Illuminate Soho is our pioneering strip club ministry. We are based in Soho and can be found regularly prayer walking the streets as well as visiting the clubs.

We recognize that working within this industry and environment can be tough so we offer emotional, pastoral, spiritual and physical support to dancers and management. This involves us popping in a few times a week armed with sweet treats, building up relationships, and being available to be an impartial listening ear alongside any other way we can assist.

Our Instagram page is @illuminatesoho

Nightclub Ministry