DJ Ministry


In 2016, we gathered a small group of Christian DJs for brunch. We ate and talked, worshipped and prayed together, little realising that this was the inauspicious beginnings of a new Third Space Ministries venture. Representing a range of ages, backgrounds and places across the UK, this diverse group of Christians bonded over a common love for God and heart for the music industry. As they shared their stories, themes began to emerge: the challenges of the DJ lifestyle, the ready availability and constant temptation of drugs; the mirage of success and accolade; the isolation forged by ambition and unsocial hours; the prevalence of depression and mental ill health, and the disconnect with church. We also discussed how often people in the nightlife industries are searching for greater meaning and are hungry to discuss spiritual matters, regularly providing opportunities to share faith.

Since then, the group has grown both in number and in community strength. Meeting quarterly on the same inaugural basis of prayer and worship, we realised that God was connecting more dots than we first thought and opening more doors than we envisaged. Following His call, we journeyed to Ibiza together, initially to pray and then eventually to play and worship. We reached out to the ravers in London and supported a stage at a Christian festival in Bedford. Between us we discovered a real grace for love and community and genuine friendship and creative connection. The group is primarily facilitated through an online forum.


There is an ever increasing awareness of the stresses and strains of the music industry, particularly within the nightlife context. High profile tragedies and public confessions have prompted worldwide industry concern for mental health issues and the challenges generated by a relentless nocturnal lifestyle, fuelled by the need for continuous public affirmation and an often troubled association with addictive coping mechanisms. At Third Space we’re exploring how to provide a form of chaplaincy suitable for those in the scene who need care, support, a listening ear and prayer. We’ve been attending appropriate training days, meeting with mental health charities and building relationships with those on the frontline. We’re believing that through us as an organisation and through the wider influence of DJ Unity, we will be able to provide spiritual insight and compassion for those who need support in the often difficult world of the nighttime economy.