Why we do it

John Stott, a noted English clergyman, in his final public address at Keswick in 2007 said “Incarnational evangelism or entering into other people’s worlds with Christ-likeness, is essential to the church’s walk in the 21st century. The most effective preaching comes from those who embody their message. What communicates now are people, not words or ideas but rather personal authenticity, that is, Christ-likeness.”  This is what we seek to do, to draw alongside people and live out the good news of the gospel.

In Romans 2:4 (The Bible) it says that it’s God’s kindness that leads people to turn to him. Third Space Ministries believes that the most powerful truth is for people to discover and encounter the love of God, through Jesus. Many people have had God misrepresented to them, and Third Space Ministries aims to simply draw alongside people, to love them, to listen to them, to value them, to help them move a step closer to understanding a God who loves them. We are about blessing, not selling and we do this through caring for individuals’ whole lives, and by sharing our faith, stories of God, and offering prayer with those who want to hear.
God is interested in the whole of life and is found in every part of society and every industry and leisure environment. God is already present in these places and Third Space Ministries simply seeks to enhance and help bring out the ‘God flavours and God colours in the world’. (Matthew 5:13-16, The Bible)

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God who was born as a baby in Bethlehem and grew up to serve and love people through acts of kindness, healing the sick, loving people everyone else hated, comforting the hurting, performing miracles. His ultimate act of love was dying on a cross for each one of us, so that people like us could know forgiveness and find a relationship with God. We also believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. We’ve discovered that this means we can know God’s very real and active presence in our lives today. That’s what God wants to offer you. It’s up to you whether you accept it or not.

If you would like to know more about God’s love for you then contact our team for a free booklet on what it means to follow Jesus and know God’s love.